21 Апреля 2017
The new international project "Nobel Talks @ Sechenov University" Sechenov University announces launch of the new international project Nobel Talks@Sechenov - open lectures by Nobel Prize winners at Sechenov University.
The new integrated discussion platform will become an open information space for discussion of the current interdisciplinary issues. It will bring together the leading experts and young scientists from all over the world.
The first event of the project will be held with the participation of the Nobel prize winner in Physiology and Medicine Prof. Harald zur Hausen, at Sechenov University on April 26, 2017.
The famous German scientist will give an open lecture "Infectious and nutritional risk factors for cancer and neurodegenerative diseases".
The special session "Examination of the University projects by the Nobel prize winner. Vision of the future", where Prof. zur Hausen, will meet with the staff of the Sechenov University research laboratories, will be also held on the same day.